Inspired by South American weaving collectives during her travels in 2016, Gesine Holschuh founded WEHVE, a luxurious hand-woven clothing brand. 


Hand-woven and hand-knitted accessories 
that uniquely combine the expertise
and quality of traditional craftsmanship
with contemporary styling

Gesine visiting one of the merino farms in Canelones department, Uruguay

Gesine visiting one of the merino farms in Canelones department, Uruguay

Gesine Holschuh, WEHVE’s founder is a social entrepreneur with the soul of an adventurer, and the expertise and skills of a globally experienced business leader. Always passionate about beautiful materials and the special touch of hand made garments, Gesine was inspired by visiting weaving collectives in many different villages across South America. She began to select the few artisans whom she believed could adapt their traditional skills to a more European style, and were willing to explore new artisanal processes while meeting her high standards for quality and consistency.

“Regular contact with the weavers themselves is indispensable.  It allows me to know them, see their ideas, work with them to develop new colors, patterns and materials, propose new approaches and evaluate techniques while retaining respect for their traditions and their culture.  For me, it is the knowledge of these women that made all of this possible”

WEHVE is the intersection of natural beauty, colors and textures with the unparalleled elegance of European design. It is this unique perspective that permits the constant reinvention of the collections, while maintaining their basis in preservation of ancient methods and traditions from around the world. Now, Gesine’s daughter, Lillan has taken her place as the face of WEHVE.  Uniting the threads of family, fashion, and tradition into an inclusive symphony of tactile and intangible harmony.

WEHVE pursues a clear two-part credo: first, the preservation of the profound knowledge passed down through ancestral traditions and second, to share this magnificent tradition of weaving by translating them for a modern audience through pure classic designs.  Beauty, style and intention. That is the fabric of WEHVE…Always, exceptional to the touch and made by hand.

WEHVE is also a leader in sustainable and ethical fashion. The collection is produced in South America by cooperatives operating according to established global fair trade principles. Gesine is a board member of Fair Trade International and holds an MBA from INSEAD

Gesine lives in Brussels with her husband and their three children.



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